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Your seat is waiting at the best games the metaverse has to offer. Let’s shuffle the cards and spin the wheels – there’s crypto to be won!


This classic game is a favorite of all. Now it's your turn to answer the eternal question - Hit or Stay?


Spin the wheel and take a chance. This game follows the European Roulette rules, featuring single bet numbers 1-36, black/red, odd/even, high/low, columns and rows.


Play a friendly game with your crew or swim with the sharks at our Texas Hold'em poker tables. Coming soon...


These slot machines speak the universal language of crypto ka-ching! Time to spin it for your chance at the x250 Jackpot! Coming soon...

More Games

To play, bet and win at The Aquarium Casino, you will need to install a compatible wallet. Choose between these two recommended options below. Click one of the two links and follow the installation instructions:

Install MetaMask (login using your browser)
Install Fortmatic (login using your email or phone)
  1. Go to and click on the PLAY button.
  2. Choose MetaMask or Fortmatic to log into the site.
  3. Customize your Avatar’s appearance, then press DONE.
  4. Choose your Name and accept the terms of agreement to complete your account creation.
  1. Point your browser to The Aquarium Casino by clicking the link below:
  2. Walk your Avatar to one of the available game tables and follow the instructions to start playing.
  3. Our online staff is available throughout the day to answer all your questions live.
    Look for the casino hosts with the fish head 🙂


We are a team of online casino and entertainment professionals dedicated to bringing you the best breed of the new generation of casino experiences. We were there at the inception of the internet casino industry. We have accompanied its evolution into the exciting online world it is today.We are now witnessing the Genesis of a new generation of Gaming Experiences at the Metaverse. The Aquarium Casino is here to be part of this bold and innovative revolution.